Glue-in vs ProForm: What's the Difference?

glue-in-vs-proform-pic3.pngMany of our cab kits are available in two different styles: "glue-in" and "ProForm". What's the difference?

Most of our cab kits were originally designed as "glue-in" kits, meaning they were merely flat pieces of vinyl laminated foam cut to the correct shape for the various surfaces of a typical tractor cab (i.e. left and right fender walls, rear wall, under seat and so forth). Installation of these kits requires spraying adhesive on both the back side of each foam piece and on the cab surface where the piece will be positioned. After the adhesive is allowed to dry for a few minutes, the foam part must be carefully positioned, then pressed and smoothed into place. The foam pieces are notched and mitered as necessary to make this process as painless as possible. However, as many first-time buyers (and even seasoned installers) have discovered, it is still possible to accidentally "stick" the part incorrectly which can result in wrinkles and frustration.

We thought: there had to be a better way. Enter: ProForm kits

proform-kit-badge-one-quarter.pngThese kits are made with the same, vinyl laminated foam material as our glue-in kits, with one major upgrade: plastic backing! Here at our factory, through a thermoforming process we create plastic pieces that are molded to exactly fit your cab interior. We then glue and apply the foam parts to the plastic, removing that messy, trouble-prone process from the end user experience. To install, you simply apply a few small beads of caulk adhesive (provided with our kits) to the back side of the plastic, then pop the part into place. The caulk adhesive remains pliable for quite some time and, combined with the rigidity of the plastic, this allows for easy re-positioning of each part until they are in exactly the right spot, resulting in a perfect, wrinkle-free fit, every time! And speaking of time, our ProForm kits typically install in 1/2 to 1/3 the time required for our glue-in kits - and you'll consistently have professional looking results too!

There is one catch: our ProForm kits are more expensive than their glue-in counterparts. But our customers overwhelmingly agree: the time and frustration saved more than makes up the difference in price!

Buy a ProForm kit today and experience the difference yourself - you won't regret it!

(NOTE: Not all of our cab kits are offered in the "Proform" style. Those that are offered will have "ProForm" in the product description and will have the yellow-star, "ProForm" badge - as seen above. Otherwise, if "ProForm" is not specified, it is the glue-in style. Almost all individually sold headliners are of the "ProForm" style.)