Response to COVID-19

On March 20th, IL Governor JB Pritzger issued a "Stay at Home" Executive Order: all individuals currently living within the State of Illinois are ordered to stay at home or at their place of residence, except as allowed in his Executive Order. Exceptions are allowed for "essential business and operations", which include “manufacturing companies...producing and supplying essential products and services” for many important markets, including the agricultural industry. It is our current understanding that Fehr Cab Interiors would fall into this category so for now, we plan to continue operations on a limited scope.

In the interest of public health, maintaining our employees’ and customers' health and well-being, and in respect of our governor’s order, we intend to comply with the guidelines provided in Governor Pritzger’s Executive Order to the best of our abilities. As such, we will be implementing the following changes immediately:

  • Our office will be closed to all foot traffic until further notice.
    • Pick-up orders may still be placed; however, we ask that you call ahead to schedule an appointment for pick-up, and we also ask that you either make payments online or make other payment arrangements over the phone.
  • We will be limiting employee shifts and schedules such that there will never be more than 10 employees within the entire facility at any given time.
  • Employees will be instructed to maintain a 6 foot “social distance” from each other, and we would ask any pick-up customers to do the same.
  • Because our production output will be lowered by these restrictions, lead times for orders could increase from our normal 1-2 business days to 5-7 business days. We ask for your patience during this time!
  • Currently, there has been no disruption in our supply chain affecting our raw materials; however, as more affected businesses scale back operations this could change and severely limit (or completely stop) our production output.
  • If your order is not time-sensitive and you are willing to wait, please indicate this in the online order comments or mention this to our sales staff (phone-in orders) so that we can expedite our more critical orders.

If you have any questions regarding any of these changes, please don’t hesitate to call us at (815) 692-3355.

As we all continue to learn more about this COVID-19 pandemic on a daily basis, these guidelines may be subject to change without notice. We appreciate each one of our customers and we thank you for your continued patronage, patience and support during this time!